Frequently Asked Questions operates under the same basic terms and conditions and requirements of the TopBucks program. You can utilize one account to promote both. Please find below our FAQ which encompasses mobile specific questions and general affilate program questions.

Mobile Questions

What is mobile traffic?

What mobile tools/free content does TopBucksMobile offer?

How do I filter my mobile traffic?

How can I optimize for mobile without a mobile site?

New Webmaster Requirements

Do I need a site (URL) before promoting TopBucks?

Do I need to have a certain amount of traffic coming to my site per month?

Do you allow celebrity sites?

Can I be in both Per-Signup, and Revenue Share program?

Can I use one account for all the websites?

How do I know if my new account signup is accepted?

TopBucks Promotion Questions

How do I log into TopBucks

Where do I get my "linking code" to use your banners?

Can I link to a specific page or model in a tour?

Can I load your site in a frame?

Can I send traffic directly to the Join Page?

I cannot download the free content (zip files).

Can I use the free content (pics/videos) to submit to TGP sites, AVS sites, etc?

How do I get the FHG links working with my TGP script?

Do You Offer Free Hosting?

When is the downloadable content updated?

Do I get any additional revenue for signups made on the exit consoles?

Stats Questions

How do I check on the amount of clicks and/or sign-ups I have sent?

Why do sales/clicks end up as "No referer" in the "Site Report - View by URL Referrer"?

What is Bonus/Compensation in the bottom of my stats?

Pay Out Questions

How much does TopBucks Mobile Pay?

When and how do I get paid?

Will I receive one check for the combined amount?

I have not received a check, what should I do?

How do I change my payment information in my profile?

Can I switch between Revenue Share and Per Signup programs?

How much is paid on PinkVisual DVD sales?

How much is paid on Topbucks mobile sites?

Why did I make five cents on a sale when I'm on the PPS program?

General/Trouble Shooting

What makes TopBucks sites special?

I forgot my password/user ID, what should I do?

Contacting TopBucks