Our Sales Tools

TopBucksmobile provides webmasters with the latest advancements of sales tools designed to optimize mobile traffic. A generous selection of simple to use scripts, galleries, RSS feeds and cool web applications make promoting our mobile sites easy and effective.

Redirect Script

As an add-on to the optimized redirecting we utilize on our sites, we offer webmasters a simple script that automatically detects mobile consumers to your sites. This script is available in PHP and JavaScript, plus we provide easy to use instructions on how to customize the redirect script for your needs if necessary.

White Labels

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Don't have a mobile site of your own? The white labels of our mobile products make it easy to target your niche or maintain your own brand to the consumer. We can white label new domains or utilize a sub-domain like mobile.sitename.com. We also design the site graphics based on your site’s look and feel. This fast turnaround and personal assistance from our specialized mobile account representatives make it quick and easy for you to jump into the mobile market.

Customized Portal Pages

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Now you can utilize fully customized portal pages to help prescreen your traffic. Enhance the surfing experience by offering your customers a dedicated homepage with instant access to live cams, DVDs, dating, straight or gay sites for example. Choose a template, color and your content and you’ll deliver an exceptional web experience that puts success at your fingertips. For more details, be sure to contact your TopBucks Mobile representative.

Mobile Galleries

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Updated every week, we have thousands of mobile and pad galleries covering all of our mobile sites. Our galleries are filled with handpicked, high quality thumbs and content, sure to please your surfers on the go.

RSS Feeds

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We offer RSS Feeds for all our mobile sites. RSS Feeds are great to incorporate into your own mobile landing pages or to directly offer consumers mobile updates about our sites. Our Feeds are easy to use and carry through your webmaster ID to ensure you receive full credit for every sale generated.

Content and Banners

Quality mobile content and banners are important for a successful promotion if you create your own mobile landing pages. So we provide mpeg4 videos & low resolution banners that are optimized for faster loading time on mobile devices. We also offer web banners for webmasters who create full websites or blogs that promote our mobile sites.

Extra Tools

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TopBucksMobile offers some cool extra tools to help you promote our sites. These include ringtones and wallpapers, as well as web applications for consumers to create their own custom wallpapers and games. We have blogs and podcasts too, to utilize as a source for important news and announcements to pass on to your mobile consumer.