Privacy Policy

TopBucks puts a very high value on the privacy of our webmasters and customers. The policy below demonstrates the great care we take in securing the information provided to us by our webmasters and subscribers.

We collect IP addresses for a number of purposes, including as a form of verification on double opt-in email lists that customers sign up for, fraud prevention, and to help identify users and gather general, non-specific demographic data.

When you sign up for a TopBucks account, we require only the minimal personal information and data necessary to contact webmasters, and to issue payments. This information is not shared with any third parties, except in the event of a dispute between a webmaster and a third party; TB Advertising Services, AVV (to share data with law enforcement agencies, either when subpoenaed, or voluntarily at the sole discretion of TBAS. We do not sell email addresses, contact information, or any other Webmaster data with any other companies at all. On occasion, TopBucks/TBAS may promote third party services or products to our webmasters via email, but such mailings are conducted by TBAS, and the data is never made available to these third parties.

TBAS is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other sites/entities linked to or from or other TBAS websites. Any transactions or correspondence that takes place between users and the third parties linked to or from our sites are solely the responsibility and domain of the user and said third party, and are not the responsibility of TBAS.

Should you decide to close your TopBucks account, simply email us and our support staff will deactivate your account on your behalf. Any remaining revenues accrued on the account shall be released at that time.

To remove yourself from the TopBucks webmaster mailing list, please send us an email or go to and follow the instructions listed there. values your participation and patronage. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free contact us at